Review and Content Guidelines.

Whether you are an individual reviewing a business, or a business updating your page, here are a few rules you should follow whenever you contribute content
to Trusted Few.
Keep it clean. No profane or obscene content.
Keep it civil and legal. Content that includes threats, harassment, hate speech, or promotes discrimination is not tolerated, and will be reported to legal authorities
if necessary.
Honesty is the only policy. Trusted Few is here to be a reliable resource for both customers and businesses, so every review should be honest and objective.

Share your opinion, not someone else's. We know you have a lot of opinions — so make sure you share your own. Anything you write or upload should be
your intellectual or actual property.
We want all the details. Don't hesitate to go into detail about your experience - the more you share, the easier you make it for another visitor
to assess a business. However:
Respect the privacy of others. Don't include private information such as full names, phone numbers, or addresses. Don't hesitate to upload photos,
but avoid adding close-up photos of another person without his or her permission.
Reviewing a review: what do “credible” and “helpful” mean? We want visitors to be able to make a decision on a trusted contractor fast, so we've included
a rating system to help them find the best reviews first. Here's how to decide if a review is:

For Business Account holders

Your profile on Trusted Few is a chance to tell the world about who you are—use it wisely!
Please share. You are welcome and encouraged to add photos, descriptions, and details that will help you promote your business.
But don't overshare. Please do not use Trusted Few's site to spam potential customers.
Respond, don't retailiate. We welcome the chance to provide a space for you to communicate with an unhappy customer. However, Trusted Few does not tolerate
aggressive or threatening responses. Retaliatory responses will result in your termination from the site and could be reported to legal authorities.

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