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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Trusted Few?

Trusted Few is the easy, stress-free way for homeowners and home contractors to find each other. Instead of wading through dozens of names and online reviews, homeowners can quickly zero in on three outstanding professionals in 100 categories. 

Every business listed on Trusted Few must meet vigorous requirements including a minimum four-star customer rating and at least three years in business. We pre-vet businesses so to assure homeowners that the three results they receive for each search are for businesses that are qualified and reliable. Homeowners can also request a quote from multiple businesses right from the search results page.


Does it cost me anything to use Trusted Few?

Unlike some home service review sites, Trusted Few is always free for homeowners.  If you’re ready to get a quote for a home project, simply start your search for a reliable contractor here. 

Trusted Few does charge a nominal membership fee to the businesses we list. Learn more about registering your business with Trusted Few.


Why does Trusted Few provide only three search results?

At Trusted Few, our goal is to make it as easy and stress-free as possible to find a contractor you can trust. For every search of our business listings, you receive just three results—but you are assured that each result you receive is an established, reliable, qualified and, yes, trusted business. Because every business we list on our site is pre-approved and meets our incredibly high standards, we save you the effort of slogging through dozens of mediocre results. With Trusted Few, there’s no more guesswork—just reliable work.


Why should I post a review on Trusted Few?

We want to list only the very best contractors, so we encourage homeowners to rate each business they worked with through Trusted Few. If your experience was fantastic, good, or even less than stellar, your honest review helps keep our listings current. 

And about that honesty: every review posted includes a space where other customers can rate the review for helpfulness and credibility. This ability to “review the review” keeps everyone honest and alerts us to any reviews that may need our review. See our Review Guidelines to learn more.


How are reviews organized?

Reviews are posted in order of the date each job was performed. That way, the most recent rating of a company’s performance will always be at the top of the page.


Are reviews ever removed?

Users may remove their own reviews.  Trusted Few will remove any review that violates our Review Guidelines or Terms of Service. If a review is flagged as Not Credible or Not Helpful by other users, Trusted Few may remove that review if, on further investigation, we find that the review violates our Review Guidelines or Terms of Service. While business owners are able to respond to reviews posted about them on Trusted Few, they can never directly remove a review of their business. Learn more in our Review Guidelines.


How do I verify my Trusted Few account?

Once you register for an account with Trusted Few, you will receive an email that includes a link that you will click to verify your account. Your account will then be verified. Please contact us if you are having trouble verifying your account.


How do I close my Trusted Few account?

If you want to close your user account, please contact us. Trusted Few is here to make customers happy, so please let us know the reason you’ve decided to close your account—we’d welcome the opportunity to make it better if we can.


Who can contact me through Trusted Few?

There are only three ways that you can be contacted through Trusted Few:

1. When you request a quote from businesses you receive as your Trusted Few search results, those businesses can then contact you using the information you supplied.

2. Trusted Few may contact you with site updates or other news, depending on your account settings. You can access your account settings in My Profile page after log in.

3. If you post a review of a business, the business owner is able to respond to your review on Trusted Few. While we encourage customers and business owners to resolve any issues before posting a review, please contact us immediately if anyone contacts you through Trusted Few in a manner that makes you uncomfortable.

To learn more, please see our Terms of Service or Review Guidelines.

How do I list my business on Trusted Few?

We’re always happy to welcome businesses that meet our requirements for joining the Trusted Few. Begin your business registration process here.